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GRZ-ZRA Customs Duties & VAT PAID (Cleared and On-Road Lusaka) and GRZ-ZRA Duties & VAT FREE (Cleared and On-Road Lusaka).

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Volvo – XC90 – Model Year 2020

Relax, think and connect with the world on your own terms in the XC90 and discover a large, family SUV that puts you at complete ease. Inside, an uncluttered cabin crafted from the finest natural materials combines with technology that is intuitive to use. On the move, engines that are powerful, quiet and efficient allow for smooth progress. This luxurious, minimalist aesthetic is the essence of modern Scandinavian design. This is our idea of luxury.

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Model Engine/Transmission Duty Free (US$) Duty Paid (US$) Duty Free (ZMW) Duty Paid (ZMW)
T5 MOMENTUM Geartronic/AWD/Petrol 46,324 85,671 856,998 1,584,908
T5 INSCRIPTION Geartronic/AWD/Petrol 48,632 89,954 899,694 1,664,152
T5 R-DESIGN Geartronic/AWD/Petrol 49,534 91,629 916,385 1,695,130
T6 INSCRIPTION Geartronic/AWD/Petrol 51,049 94,440 944,404 1,747,134
T6 R-DESIGN Geartronic/AWD/Petrol 51,951 96,114 961,092 1,778,105
T8 INSCRIPTION TwinEngine/AWD/Petrol 57,049 105,576 1,055,406 1,953,153
T8 R-DESIGN TwinEngine/AWD/Petrol 57,893 107,142 1,071,016 1,982,125
**Prices quoted are for Standard Specs ONLY