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GRZ-ZRA Customs Duties & VAT PAID (Cleared and On-Road Lusaka) and GRZ-ZRA Duties & VAT FREE (Cleared and On-Road Lusaka).

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Volvo – XC60 – Model Year 2020

This uniquely Scandinavian mid-size SUV crossover delivers innovative, intuitive technology that connects you and your car with the world. Its cabin blends exceptional craftsmanship with everyday versatility and puts you in command at the wheel. A sophisticated chassis balances comfort and control, while our latest safety technology helps protect what’s important to you. This is the dynamic Swedish SUV, evolved.

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Model Engine/Transmission Duty Free (US$) Duty Paid (US$) Duty Free (ZMW) Duty Paid (ZMW)
T5 MOMENTUM Geartronic/AWD/Petrol 33,260 61,423 615,303 1,136,321
T5 INSCRIPTION Geartronic/AWD/Petrol 35,007 64,665 647,622 1,196,306
T5 R-DESIGN Geartronic/AWD/Petrol 35,177 64,982 650,781 1,202,168
T6 INSCRIPTION Geartronic/AWD/Petrol 37,126 68,599 686,836 1,269,086
T6 R-DESIGN Geartronic/AWD/Petrol 37,297 68,916 689,989 1,274,939
**Prices quoted are for Standard Specs ONLY