Volvo – S90 – Model Year 2022


Elegant, uncluttered and crafted from beautiful, natural materials – the S90 is a luxury sedan like no other. A calm, rewarding interior, combined with intuitive technology and filled with natural light, the S90 is an oasis of seclusion. This is the executive sedan, redefined.

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PRICES are Quoted:

GRZ-ZRA Customs Duties & VAT PAID (Cleared and On-Road Lusaka) and GRZ-ZRA Duties & VAT FREE (Cleared and On-Road Lusaka).

Prices and Specifications are subject to Change without notice and can only be Confirmed at time of Order/Payment.

ModelEngine/Transmission Duty Free (US$) Duty Paid (US$) Duty Free (ZMW) Duty Paid (ZMW)
B5 (P) MOMENTUMGeartronic/FWD/Petrol 37,724 69,580 641,302 1,182,861
B5 (P) INSCRIPTIONGeartronic/FWD/Petrol 41,375 76,356 703,368 1,298,056
B5 (P) R-DESIGNGeartronic/FWD/Petrol 40,690 75,086 691,732 1,276,460
B6 (P) INSCRIPTIONGeartronic/AWD/Petrol 51,644 95,416 877,946 1,622,073
B6 (P) R-DESIGNGeartronic/AWD/Petrol 50,955 94,138 866,236 1,600,338
**Prices quoted are for Standard Specs ONLY